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this game is scaring the shit out of me why doesn't he has eyes

its midnight and im so scared why did i do this to mysel

Accidentely skipped eye color so now I have no eyes :)

oh so they're waiting for the right time when Y/N will be all alone huh... very nice game. i like. 5 stars.


I'm a sucker for horror personality quiz games because they're not very common and this is definitely one of the good ones. Very creepy stuff, really enjoyed it.


what I can piece together of the lore (this is just my interpretation!): The "person" asking you this questions is some kind of demonic fallen angel, and it wants to steal people's eyes. It is judging how good a candidate you are for it to prey on you. There seems like there's more hidden lore, but I can't find everything... time to play through it again :)


given the "spoilsport" result if you don't answer, I believe that the entity is twisted and evil (obviously) and enjoys asking you these questions, regarding your fear as some kind of game to them.

Honestly, I think the entity is a fairy associated with owls and wants to kidnap the player. In "See you in x" and "Spoilsport" feature a fae-like entity. Taking eyes seem very fae-like to me. The "Candidate" and "See you in x" implies that the entity is planning to kidnap/indoctrinate the player and using the quiz to scout out their next victim. "Spoilsport" also implies that the entity also views the quiz as some sort of game which falls in line with the fact that fairies are also depicted as having different morals than humans.

that's interesting. I like that idea, but there's also the "I am"-"angels are" and a few other references that make me think that the entity is a fallen angel-like creature, but I also like the fae theory. And associating it with owls makes a lot of sense, because 1) Owls have large eyes and good vision, which would tie into the whole "stealing your eyes" thing 2) There are a few pictures next to the quiz with owls. I like your theory!


fun but definitely had jump scares


I got "see you in 42 years

gotta love having friends


Love my friends, man :) <3


CANIDATE! (That was what I got-) The game was awesome!!




LEGO i'm a LEGO lol

never tried to not answer the fast questions till now!! it's such a cool game

45 years! :')

I wanted to be a barbie doll :(



I mean....atleast I'll be 65 by then soooo ok?


For the second seed words part when I get to the word Grateful and saw that "Dead" was an option I audibly said JOJO REFERENCE NO WAY GUYS 💀


Fantastic test game! Love the vibes!


great game

How great! Thank you for making it. 

My friends will not stick around for 43 years. The darkness will return sooner than later ;)



Pretty good game ! Can't wait to see the remastered version ;)

GAMEPLAY in French

Very enjoyable! I like the premise and the simplicity. Thank you for making it. :) 


i got spoilsport by just not awnsering the fast questions 👍

One of the best horror games ever made. Keep it up!

cool I get to live untill 64


Does the person have a crush on me or sum 


I got see you in 42 years! When I replayed and selected what I thought were all the right answers (so things with eyes and owls and evil) I was selected as a candidate! Isn't that great. That run through I lied about my name and said as much and it straight up stole my name on my laptop which was pretty unsettling. 

42 years! too bad honestly, he told me I had pretty eyes :( such an interesting game! 

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i got "see you in 39 years!" and my problem was that i have too many friendkdjksjdks this was a fun game good job ^^


this was amazing


Does anyone know the secret questions you can get? Or if theres any secret names you can enter?




I got 38 years. I'd say that's enough time to do what i want to do in life


43 years to go... I will be waiting for you my friend 😈

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