A downloadable game


You. You! are a student at the most prestigious arcane university (you know the one) and you’re studying to become a mage. Damn it’s a lot of work though.


To play this game, you’ll need:

  • A Task - homework, cleaning, filling out spreadsheets. Something you want help concentrating on, ideally.
  • A Timer, or something to listen to this playlist with.
  • A Pen and Pad, or something else to write with (this can be written in your school notebook if you’re OK with sacrificing some space to make room for magic)


How to play: 

In this game you: 
work for 25 minutes, 
play for 5 minutes. 

What are you waiting for? Download the dang thing!


Lo-Fi Beats for Arcane Studies.pdf 61 kB


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Lmao the video was removed from youtube

The rest was pretty darn good tho


Thanks for telling me! I forgot I had linked those in the text so when I posted a better version of the video the link got broken. I just uploaded a version of the PDF with the correct links if you'd like to redownload, or you can follow the link here: