Branching (minor) and Quality of Life Improvements!

Hello friends!


First things first, we know that you want more branching! In this update, we mostly built out the systems for branching (we're using Ink if you're curious), since we focused on the system we had less time to actually implement very much of it. There are now some slight variations to the way that Clarity can respond to you, as well as one way to end the game early, but there are no major alternate endings or paths. We're going to be working on those in the future so stay tuned!

Settings / UI

We added a couple of quality of life improvements, including better detection for highlighting text, an exit button from the settings menu (before you had to click esc again). We also added a help button that gives you some instructions about the controls if you're stuck. We like making obscure games but we at least want you to know how to play them!

Thank You

Most of all we want to say thank you! This game has been way bigger than any of us had anticipated and we're excited for what the future holds with it. Thank you for everyone who played, left a comment, rated the game or told a friend about it - it all helps a bunch and it's a big reason that we're putting out this new update! Also it totally fills the hole in my soul that can only be filled by external validation (as you can see by me responding to basically every comment within an hour of them being posted - whoops lol). With this update done, we have better structures in place for us to keep expanding the game and we intend to do so, thank you for your patience in the meantime!


Andrew, Cam and Ezra

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