The only controls are Copy and Paste, but this computer definitely knows something about you. Do you dare keep playing?   

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This game was made in 48 hours during the GMTK 2020 Game Jam! 


  • Left Click + Drag :  Select text
  • Ctrl + C: Copy text
  • Ctrl + V: Paste text
  • Enter: Send text
  • Esc: Menu

This was a huge collaboration!!

Cam - Narrative Design -

Katherine - Voice Acting -

Daichi - UI Design -

Andrew - Programming -

Ezra - Programming, Audio - you can play his other horror games here: Web Horror.

Credit for the CRT screen effect goes to Mattias:

Credit for the glitch effect goes to Staffan Widegarn Åhlvik:


Out of CTRL Mac 32 MB
Out of CTRL Windows 38 MB

Development log


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What would you title a book about your life?



I tried to answer "I regret nothing" and it proceeded to completely ignore my response and the game acted like i had said that I do have regrets. You should definitely add a branch of dialogue that involves some sort of "no regrets" ending


Its a demo bro


A little shitty demo


I'd like to see u do better ^^


Hi y'all, thanks for the idea! It is indeed a demo, and also we know people have lots of ideas that we didn't quite capture. It's awesome how much peoples' imagination varies.  

A couple of new indie horror videos featuring Out of CTRL, thanks y'all! 


I like that I can spam Echo 


that was fricking perfec


you can just say we cant when clarity asks if you can talk and thats hilarious


i said i have ignored someone that needed help and da bot still thinks i lied :v


i just said i and the bot thinks that i am lying


I wanted to like this more, but there are some things that wouldn't allow that;

-The voice acting, I feel, only cheapened the experience. It made it feel like I wasn't actually any part of this, and that I'm having no real effect, only the protagonist.

-The wasn't a clear enough story. I like vagueness, but here it just felt lacking.

-After a while I felt like I could just pasta any old random thing and it wouldn't matter. It just felt like a glorified visual novel with a slight gimmick.

I like the concept, only being able to copy-paste, but unforunately that's the only thing I felt this had going for it. It felt empty and uneventful by the end. 


"After a while I felt like I could just pasta any old random thing and it wouldn't matter."

-this isn't true ( I think ), when I asked it random questions it would answer and when I answered its questions with unrelated answers it would accurately respond to what I say.

"The voice acting, I feel, only cheapened the experience. It made it feel like I wasn't actually any part of this, and that I'm having no real effect, only the protagonist."

- I agree


I have pressed enter, both of them, yet it will not start


I think your talking about it not working when you play on browser, I think it doesn't work for browser on some pc's, as it didn't work for me too, I'm sure if you download it, it will work.


it felt... tragic, actually, instead of scary.


It didn't seem like the word choices affected the story so that was a little disappointing. However the game did a good job at making it unsettling.  It's not necessarily scary in the jumpscare way but it makes you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. 


I went into this without checking anything, going into it with only the knowledge that it's a narrative horror game. I can't really say that it was 'horror' to me, it was more creepy than frightening in my opinion. I really love the copy and paste mechanic, I think it's cool and a unique take on the game jam theme. I do think the writing was a bit weak, mostly because there's no real set up to any of it and I personally did not care much for what the character had done because I never had the chance to relate or understand her. 

Overall, it was good for a game-jam game but I am a bit concerned for the sequel that is planned. I hope you have a ton of cool stuff to warrant that sequel, and I'll definitely be there to give that a try when it releases. 

Thanks for making games!


OH my gosh I had goosebumps! I played this before checking the description so had no clue what I was getting into!

I had played another game of the same name (hilariously, it was in the same contest as this) and mistakenly advertised this game in the description. Once I had realized it I considered it serendipity and decided to okay this too. And boy howdy, I'm sooo glad I made that typo! 

I remember these old chatbots from class and occasionally you would get a response that seemed slightly too real, and this was playing on the 6th grade fear so well!

I feel like I didn't get to do too much with my replies as I didn't have a basic "yes or no" that I could copy and paste, but that just means I had to get more clever with my replies. 

I cannot wait for this project to continue!


Thanks for posting this! Your confusion is very understandable, the theme for the game jam was "out of control" and we were not the only people that thought of this pun lol. It was fun to watch you play through without having known that it was a "horror" game first :)


cLAP CLAP CLAP wow this was good

so confused, but that's the suspense that i needed

this is very cool, and like- i love it so much, that my choices did not indeed matter. very awesome /gen

drink some water!

(1 edit) (+1)

its really cool, loved it, its almost similar to the "emily is away" kind of vibe but this game has its own special aura when i play it, i hope to write more essay and interaction with the entity in the game 

(2 edits) (+1)

i like game






wow, i really want a sequel! i wnat to know more! didn't even say goodbye to the computer, lol


this game is amazing! in the way that it made me shiver and my brother cry, that is


i love how the lore can be interpreted in different ways! and i really think the music chosen added depth to the whole atmosphere, it wasn't too obnoxious or too eerie, and hearing it play afterwards really just tied the whole story up perfectly. :) the aesthetic of the entire game was just awesome, i loved it!

i got bored of it

srry good game tho


I guess this game would make more sense if you played it as intended, sad thing is that my answers didn't seem to matter at all. If I said something that didn't align with the narrative it would just say whatever it was meant to say originally. Looking forward to the sequel.

Nice game, can't wait for the sequel!


i finished this game i went the way the dev expected me to go and i feel our computers must have this so we have someone to talk to


That was a really nice game, you should try and make the computer recognize the words and give out multiple endings. Other then that good job, the game looks quite good!

Thank you! We're working on a sequel with more robust conversation options and multiple endings, hope you check it out! :)


hey, i found a bug, I said i have when clarity asked if i have ever ignored someone in need and she asked if im trying to make myself look good... i dont know about you but admitting i ignored someone in need isn't trying to make myself look good

Thanks for letting me know! I agree that this is not what you would expect to happen, unfortunately the branching is quite limited in this version of the game. We are developing a sequel though, in which the branching will be much more robust! Thanks for playing, either way :


any time, i know this stuff takes time, and honestly this is a really good game maybe you can even add more endings in the next one!

Thanks for saying so! Yeah games definitely take a long time to make haha. We are planning on having multiple endings in the next one! (。・_・。)


good to hear, and good luck on all future projects.

cool game



I hope in the full version you guys make it so that you can solicit different responses from the AI in order for you yourself to be able to say certain things to it in return.  I'm sure you guys have thought of things along those lines and I'm just here to say that would be very cool!

Thanks! We shall definitely see :)

I don't think an advanced AI would misspell the word "truly".

Or maybe that's a subtle hint to Clarity being something other than an AI?  lol

hmmm maybe? :D

Hey! For some reason the game won't get past the 'Hello world' intro page. I have tried pressing and doing the 4 available commands but still nothing. Also refreshed the page a couple times and restarted pc.  Any help on what I should do?

What happens if you highlight a word, press CTRL + C, then press CTRL + V, then enter?


If you spam their sentence then it does nothing, you can effectively progress through the game by just spamming random things.

Yeah, unfortunately :( we're fixing that in the sequel!

i put "i can clarity" and it said "ok bye then" even though i was saying yes


Thanks for finding that bug! I looked into the script files and it seems like it's an issue with the parsing I was doing on inputs. It's supposed to go to that branch you found if you write "can't" but I think that my parsing doesn't like punctuation, and thought that can was the same as can't. Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of the game regardless :)


its a pretty great game, can't wait for the full game

Thank you!

"What is your name?"


"No that's my name..."

LOL, interesting short game, it has a lot of potential.


That's one of my favorite branches lol, and thank you!

when full game?

We're all working on this part-time so it's going to be a while unfortunately, we're aiming for 6 months from now but that's *very* subject to change. We're going to be posting updates to our email list which you can sign up for here if you want -

Nice game






I really appreciate you making sure I didn't have any easy words like 'yes' 'no' 'couldn't' and so on. I can't wait for the sequel! Thank you for this wonderful little game!

Thank you so much! That's a discussion we had early on and Cam, our writer, was a big proponent for the way it is now (without easy yes/no). We're also really excited for the sequel! :)

sorry but I found a way to get clarity to say yes copy is someone there and it'll reply yes

ooooh secrets ;)

I really had fun with this, keep up the good work :D

Thank you so much!

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