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This was really good but i was wondering. Were there multiple paths that i could have taken that would have explained more


Thanks for playing! There are currently not major branches, just a couple of variations to the way that CLARITY can respond. We went into a little more detail in our last devlog - 

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This is so good! it seems like you put alot of time in it.  I love it. If i was not broke like a joke I would support you and pay 10 dollars.

(But I had to refresh my pc because it did not work)

Thanks so much! Honestly for indies of our size / scale just recommending the game to your friends is a great way to support us :) I'm curious what you mean about refreshing your pc - did it crash? Were you using the web build or had you downloaded it? (I wanna fix the problem if I can)

Oh the controls just did not work I refreshed my paged and  it was fine.

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I played the new version and noticed there is a spell error "adaptaions"  also sometimes the subtitles don't appear in the screen (even with the fullscren) beyond that, I loved the new version!!!


Thanks so much for the feedback and kind words!! 


Was a pretty fun game! The story was creepy and the sublte sounds in the background were great and added a whole lot. I didn't realise that the copy past thing was an actual mechanic until the second run though it gave the same reuslt as pressing Enter and going through everything. Pretty cool concept and a really fun story, great game!

Thanks so much for playing! We **just** put out a new update where hopefully that'll be a little clearer, sorry for the misconception we've had a bunch of people make the same mistake so it's definitely our fault not yours. 


Good fundamental concept, but the story is flawed in a way that completely wastes it.

Throughout the story you are given the ability to communicate using words that Clarity types, to respond. This gives the illusion of being able to actually change anything within the story. For instance, I went through the game and spammed Echo the entire way through, and it reached the same ending.

Also, the story of the main character's traumatic event was completely removed from meaning when I originally felt the disconnect between my actions and the story.

Obviously, this is a great concept and an amazing experience if you consider that it was finished within only 48 hours. If you look at it from any other angle, however, you'll be left confused.

Confused as to why the whole draw-in factor for the game is proven worthless within seconds.

Confused as to what the event is that the main character (that is supposed to be you, since you're the one responding) seems to be so stressed about.

Confused as to why the  main narration is unable to respond in a way that reflects your conversation with Clarity.

All in all 5/10
 Wonderful concept, but executed in a way that conflicts with the concept itself, making it basically a visual novel.

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to play and think about the game :) You are completely right that the illusion breaks quite easily (we had some people just click enter to get through everything instead of even pasting echo like you did!)

Not being able to parse input more robustly is my biggest regret about this game, and we're working on a version with real branches that responds to your input (we're making it in ink and everything!). 

Mostly you're right about all of that being because we had a strict time constraint, and to save development time. The rest of this isn't meant as a defense, but if you're interested I'd like to tell you about a bit of the philosophy behind the game, and (at least speaking for just me) where our heads were at when we made it.

We made this game pretty soon after I finished Zenosyne, which is a journaling game where the game asks you questions and you answer them. The game doesn't do any checking of player's responses, just reflects them back at you. I was impressed by peoples' ability to project meaning onto the game, and I was wondering if I could use the system again. Would players self-check themselves? The answer from out of ctrl seems to be a resounding sometimes and when players push against the bounds, they find a broken mess, the magical illusion broken. 

The other facet is that we like visual novels! I wonder if you would have had the same feelings about the game had we listed it under visual novel instead of interactive fiction? Perhaps interactive fiction carries with it too much expectation about multiple endings.

Particularly I've been really inspired by this idea of "multiple middles" espoused by die gute fabrik in mutazione. That the player could make meaning for themselves in the middle of a story is super interesting to me. Are you actually changing the story here when you type different things? I'd argue that since you're changing what echo does, you are changing it somewhat, like if you could determine the dialogue for just one character in a movie. Maybe that's just not a satisfying way to interact with a story. 

Anyways sorry this ended up long, I love talking about games and I guess I got long-winded about it :P Thanks for playing!


Wow, that was an amazing reply! You guys are making games with great concepts! The game type takes a lot more time than others, so it makes sense that you wouldn't be able to fully implement it. With time this could be really good, and the concept is perfect!

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Very interesting concept and premise, I enjoyed the game a lot.


Thanks for saying so! (and making the video :)  I love watching people play the game so this was the perfect christmas present for me to wake up to <3


i liked but why was the computer asking all those questions???

Thanks! Why do you think the computer was asking the questions?

i have no clue


Very intriguing premise. I hope you continue to build on this! There's a lot of potential for a complex branching narrative. Having a limited "word-bank" could make for some interesting and creative puzzles.

Thanks! We are planning to continue development on it, stay tuned! :)

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how much this game have endings???

I love this game <3


Thank you! Currently there's only one ending but we're working on a version with more :)

OK, thanks

It was an interesting concept for a game never played something like this before but was fun



This was a delight to play! I've not played anything like it at all. Well done to all involved!

Thank you so much!


What a fantastic game and concept. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this. The imagery, dialogue and audio combined, made this a great experience. I’d love to find out more about what happened with “Echo” and her backstroke as well as how Clarity was able to know so much. There is so much potential for a sequel or a longer game. I would gladly cross your palms with silver for a game like this! You can see the care and attention that went into this game. Great work!

Thanks so much! We're working on another version, although I'm not sure you'll get the conclusion you want, we're big fans of ambiguity :D. In the new version we're going to make sure that you can't just hit enter all the way through, I think a lot of the fun is making your responses up from the text CLARITY's questions, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

I can’t wait to see the new version. When will it be released? I’m okay with ambiguity, so I’m sure I’ll be fine with the ending of the game... I guess there were just too many questions I had unanswered on this version! 😉 It was really nicely done though and I will keep my eyes peeled for the new one. 

We're not quite sure, it may be a while. We're going to make a devlog post here when we have more info!

It's such an awesome game! I played it a couple of times just to see if I could get different answers from Clarity and uncover some more of Echo's mystery, but without luck. Would love to see this go further, since the concept and design are amazing!

Thank you so much! We're working on a new version with branching story now so stay tuned! :)

Great thing. I can make funny sentences and its a good game

Thanks! :P

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I would pay 5 dollars (or more) for a more polished experience with answers that actually matter, I Loved it, It's so good, The voice acting is really good (You can feel the person talking), 


Thank you so much!! You're in luck because we're developing the game out into a full experience (still deciding on the pricing but probably pay what you want on itch and maybe a steam release later), so stay tuned!

i love this concept!! i think it's fun to try and type serious things, but figuring out what different funny sentences i can say instead is pretty great too, thank you for making such a great game!!!


Thank you for playing it!! :)

this is so interesting i really wish i got different responses for saying different things i tried being silent and also taking "Echo" literally and repeating only the last word said and even responding honestly as the character of course and at the end saying "I wish to understand" nothing happened :( just wish there was more to this neat game

Thanks! We're actually planning on developing this out with more branching paths and stuff (this version was made in 48 hours so we weren't able to get that in) check back in about two months! :D

fantastic game my friend



great work! i didn't like the voice work at first but by the end it had grown on me; i felt that it was a good way to communicate the character of the protagonist in a way that felt fitting to the sort of setting of the game.


This was very interesting, I want to know more!  Also I think this is the first jam game I've seen with voice acting.  Does the background sounds change the longer it goes, I've listened to about 3 or 4 loops and it seems like I hear new things each time >.>


Thanks! The sounds were a lot of fun to link up. If you don't mind the magic being ruined a little bit I can tell you what they're made up of. I have a super pitch shifted song playing at really low volume plus the sound of an old CRT (which has about a 2 minute loop) playing all the time. Then there are a couple game objects which each play a type of sound randomly from an array. There's one of those for thunder, doors opening / closing, and footsteps. They have different sized arrays but there are 5-8 of each (I chopped up some videos of compilations of those sounds). Those sound effects vary volume and stereo with Perlin Noise so they can sound like they're coming from the left or right (or walking behind you). I think the stereo part doesn't work on WebGL but it should on the downloadable builds. Then as you noted we have the amazing voice acting of Katherine Tole! That's probably more than you wanted to know but that's how it's all implemented under the hood! :)

That's exactly the kinda info I like to learn about :D I actually heard the footsteps after the console loop turned back on and thought it was Echo approaching the computer as part of the beginning of the game, but then it didn't happen the next time which made it spookier lol.  Once I heard thunder I hung around to see if that meant something was happening in the game.   Good atmosphere~

This rooooocks!!! I love it... What did Echo do!?

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Thanks!! What do you think Echo did?

I think someone needed her help and gave her a call. But because Echo didn't pick up it was their last call. Maybe they were being threatened by external forces. Maybe they were suicidal. Bottom line is that Echo didn't know how important that call was and decided not to pick up. Now she feels guilty for it. That's what I think. Again, I wanna say awesome game. The sound direction made it feel super immersive.


I really appreciate that :) putting all those sounds in was a ton of fun! (And Katherine is an absolutely amazing voice actor). I like keeping the mystery so I'll just say you're pretty close ;)

Awesome job y'all!!! Really really mysterious!

Thanks! That's exactly what we were going for :)

cool game! i love the concept AND execution! keep it up!

Thank you!



Thank you :)

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